Financial Records Leak, Looks Like Trump’s Campaign Funneled Money To Hide Affair

We don’t want to be conspiracy theorists but check this out:

Once get a look at this, you’ll raise a few eyebrows and draw conclusions. All we want to do is get some answers.

So here are a few facts:

Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen formed an EC LLC on October 17, 2016, just 10 days before his contract “hush money” contract dictated that he pay Stormy Daniels $130,000.

Cohen maintains that he paid Stormy with his own money (why would a lawyer do that for his client?) and has yet to provide proof of this.

Recently examined records show that Trump’s campaign paid out exactly $129,999.72 between October 17th (the same day the LLC was formed) and October 25th, just two days before Stormy was to receive her full payment.

Fishy, huh? Yep, you guessed it.

If this is indeed the case, we’re talking about a major violation and misuse of campaign money. Silencing Stormy Daniels was definitely to keep her from harming the campaign, but that’s not what the money was supposed to be used for. This is criminal. People go to jail for this.

Again – there’s no proof yet that this happened, but it deserves to be looked at and so far no one is giving any answers.

Trump’s attorney denies that Trump even knew about the money exchange in the first place. Daniel’s attorney Michael Avenatti says it would be highly improbable and absurd for Cohen to act on his own without Trump being knowledge about any payments made on his behalf.

“There’s no question Trump knew about it at the time.”

So, it’s reasonable to expect that if they’re lying about that, they’re lying about where the money came from too.

This entire cover-up might not just be about a mere affair, either. The non-disclosure agreement that Daniels signed contains a clause about “paternity.” Yes, that. So, that begs the question: is there an abortion involved in this scandal? No one knows yet, well, except Daniels, Trump, and her attorney.

Stormy Daniels wants to finally go on record and tell her case. She denied being involved in the affair because of the non-disclosure agreement but now thinks the public is entitled to know. She initially didn’t want to violate the agreement and be sued but has taken recent steps to try and absolve the agreement.

It will be interesting to hear everything that comes out. She says she has pics and texts to prove her case.

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