Female Journalist DEVOURS Trump After His Twitter Fit; Most EPIC Takedown Yet (TWEETS)

With Donald Trump throwing Twitter fits daily, it’s become part of our normal day at this point. However, nothing about this is normal. Trump behaves like an entitled child who feels he can get away with anything.

Well, one female journalist just put Trump is his place, and it was as clever and funny as it was absolutely brilliant.

Thursday morning, in a clear reaction to special counsel being put in place to look into Trump campaign ties to Russia, Trump tweeted out:

This is when Lauren Wolfe stepped in and devoured his petty Twitter fit.

She tweeted:

“See, now I’m glad you added that word “politician.” Because you certainly didn’t mean to imply that investigating your crimes are equal. A witch hunt meant drowning a woman thought to practice sorcery. If she was guilty, she floated up. If she was innocent, she drowned. Either way women were murdered. What’s happening to you is [very] different. You behave with the arrogance of a white man. You think you float even when you are guilty, you think you could never drown. The American people are here to tell you that this is delusional. A man guilty of crimes deserves his punishment. So a “witch hunt” is, after all, a terrible metaphor for [your] situation. Let’s go with “a proper investigation into your illegal activities as the representative of this country” & now sit down & take it.”

And BOOM goes the dynamite. There’s really nothing more to say after that. Well-f*cking-done, Lauren.

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