Female American Journalist Cut Off From Asking Trump Question; Insulted For Being A Woman

It’s become more than clear that Donald Trump wants you to believe he won the 2016 election legitimately despite evidence to the contrary.

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Whenever asked about Russian interference in the election, Trump pivots away from the national security threat and blames others for Russia helping him win. He refuses to condemn Russia and Vladimir Putin and has seemingly taken no actions to combat or prevent future cyber security threats.

Most recently, while in Poland, when asked by NBC’s Hallie Jackson if he believes Russia interfered in the 2016 election, Trump, once again, pivoted, blamed former President Obama, insulted our intelligence community, and refused to condemn the behavior.


However, when Jackson attempted to ask a follow-up question and ask President Duda of Poland a question, she was cut off.


This is when it was revealed that Jackson was referred to as ‘dear lady.’:

With Jackson saying:

Wow. So, not only do they cut her off, but they decide to be condescending and say ‘dear lady’ on top of it. Yes, that should be insulting to anyone who thinks women should be treated with the same dignity and respect as any male colleague or counterpart. Would they say ‘dear gentleman’? Probably not.

Between Trump’s inability to condemn Russian hacking, to the fact that women are still treated lesser in the world, so far Trump’s trip to Europe isn’t starting off all too well.

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