Fellow Cabinet Members Laugh At Rick Perry For Not Knowing That Energy Department Oversees Nuclear Weapons

Donald Trump appointed Rick Perry to be his Secretary of Energy despite his clear ignorance on what that particular department does, and the man who received even worse grades in college than George W. Bush and largely rejects science, now oversees America’s nuclear arsenal.

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This should disturb every single man, woman, and child in this country and around the globe.

When Perry got the job, he didn’t even really know what the Energy Department does. As you’ll recall, Perry has repeatedly called for abolishing the department. And now we know that he did that even though he had no clue about its purpose and responsibilities.

The largest responsibility of the Energy Department is overseeing the vast number of nuclear weapons our military possesses. And that requires a scientific knowledge that Perry clearly has never possessed.

Perry apparently thought that being Energy Secretary meant being the top shill for America’s oil and gas industry. Never mind the fact that “energy” means all kinds of energy, including solar, wind, hydraulic, nuclear, etc.

No, Perry literally believed his only job as Energy Secretary would be protecting the oil and gas industry, which means denying science. That’s some seriously scary shit considering climate change around the world is reaching a point of no return.

Of course, science is a major component of the Department of Energy, and for good reason. So a science denier like Perry should never have been offered or confirmed to such a position.

And now that Reince Priebus is gone, Perry may end up being Trump’s newest target to pick on.

Perry’s ignorance about what the Department of Energy does has become a joke that many Cabinet members tease him about. One of those members is Interior Department Secretary Ryan Zinke.

“I think he thought his department was more about energy than … science,” Zinke told GQ. “Mostly, it’s science and, of course, they also have responsibility of our nuclear arsenal…. We laugh a lot about it.”

Well, the rest of America isn’t laughing. Yes, Perry’s stupidity is a source for jokes but the importance of the Department of Energy is no laughing matter. It oversees our nuclear arsenal and is responsible for disposing of radioactive material, energy conservation, and energy research to make energy less expensive and more environmentally friendly. It’s a big job that requires a strong mind, not a mind like Perry’s.

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