Famous Astronaut Photobombs Trump’s Press Conference And It’s Epic (VIDEO)

When it comes to famous astronauts, it really doesn’t get much more famous than Buzz Aldrin, and it’s become abundantly clear that he is not at all impressed with Donald Trump.

According to Washington Post:

“President Trump is bringing back the National Space Council, a group formed 60 years ago aimed at coordinating the nation’s activities beyond Earth. But with NASA still without an administrator, it’s not yet clear what this means for Trump’s vision for space exploration.

An executive order signed Friday appoints Vice President Pence chairman of the resurrected advisory body, which will also include the secretaries of state, defense, commerce, transportation and homeland security; the NASA administrator; the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; and several other government officials. The order also called for the establishment of a “Users’ Advisory Group” including representatives from states and private industry.”

Well, needless to say, Aldrin was pretty transparent that he wasn’t impressed and it was written all over his face. Here it is!

Here it is!

Haaa! So good. Go, Buzz. Go!

That’d likely be most of our reactions around Trump at any time ever.

If Trump really cared about space exploration and the needed discoveries that have always come out of NASA he would make sure they are abundantly funded. Hopefully, as crazy as he is, he makes that happen.

Featured image via video screen capture

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