Famous Actor Went Out To Dinner With Trump, He Had To Smoke A Joint Afterwards (VIDEO)

Many celebrities have had dinner with President Donald Trump, with some having very unique encounters. But not many might have had an experience like actor Woody Harrelson.

While appearing on Real Time with Bill Maher to promote his movie LBJ, Harrelson delved into his experience with marijuana, and how he gave it up in 2016. Harrelson has been an advocate for marijuana, with it even helping him cope with harrowing experiences – including a frustrating dinner meeting with Trump.

Why Harrelson Needed A Joint To Deal With Trump

Harrelson recounted a night in 2002 in which Jesse Ventura asked him to go on a dinner date with him hosted by Donald Trump. The basis of the meeting was to entice Ventura to be Trump’s running mate in the 2004 election as a Democrat.

Describing his experience, Harrelson said that it was “brutal,” and that he has never seen such a narcissistic man. Apparently, Trump couldn’t stop talking about himself the whole time.” He had to walk out halfway through the experience to smoke a joint just to bear with him.

Harrelson also talked about his work ethic – or lack thereof. “I’m actually, generally, lazy as shit. I can get by on doing nothing.”

For such laziness, he has proven himself to be about his craft. Harrelson is known for his long-running role on TV’s Cheers, with his breakthrough roles in Natural Born Killers, No Country for Old Men, and The Thin Red Line. More recently, Harrelson has won accolades for his role on HBO’s True Detective. Harrelson is also a dedicated animal-rights activist.

Here’s to hoping that more people were so “lazy.”

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