Ex-Watergate Prosecutor Explains How Much Trouble Trump’s Son Is In: ‘Actual Treason’ (VIDEO)

The White House is vigorously trying to make everything seem OK after Donald Trump Jr. got caught red-handed with his own Russia scandal, just like his Daddy. The Trump campaign had at least 18 undisclosed contacts with Russians and that was before it was revealed that Junior attempted to collude with a Kremlin-backed attorney in order to get damaging information on Hillary Clinton. That meeting was also attended by the amateur president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and his former campaign manager, Paul Manafort.

Contrary to what White House counselor Kellyanne Conway had to say on the news shows today, none of this is normal. Even before Junior’s collusion was revealed, Trump’s Russia scandal has been compared to Watergate. We disagree. It’s worse than Watergate.

Just ask former Watergate prosecutor Nick Ackerman, who said Junior’s deal with the Russian lawyer, if he tried to obtain info on Hillary Clinton in exchange for lifting U.S. sanctions on human rights abusers, could be considered treasonous.

“There’s lots of legal implications,” Akerman said. “First of all, we have a potential for actual treason. We have Donald Trump Jr., the ‘mini-me’ to the president, who is meeting with a Russian operative, thinking that he’s going to get information on the Hillary Clinton campaign.”

Ackerman noted that Manafort and Kushner’s presence at the meeting in Trump Tower is suspicious.

“Paul Manafort was brought to the dance by none other than Roger Stone, who in August of 2016 admitted that prior he had direct conversations with the Russian hacker and that he was aware of what WikiLeaks was doing,” Akerman continued. “Then on top of all that, you’ve got Jared Kushner, who in June of 2016 — when this very meeting was going on — was put in charge of this whole data program for the Trump campaign.”

“On top of it all, Jared Kushner completely forgot about this meeting when he filled out his application for security clearance, which is totally unbelievable,” Akerman added. “So there is plenty of smoke here, and I think we’re getting close to the fire.”


As far as not disclosing the meeting, Conway explained it earlier by saying, “So as I understand it, George (Stephanopolous), some of those public disclosure forms have been amended since that time to reflect other meetings, including this one.”

That’s not how disclosure reports work. You can’t disclose something later simply because you were caught, then erase that you never disclosed it. The right wing talking points about the meeting went something like this today: The damaging information was never obtained so it doesn’t count. But, that’s another example of how this doesn’t work.

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