Ex-Federal Prosecutor Just Gave Trump Some Very, VERY Bad News About Russia Scandal (VIDEO)

As Donald Trump’s Russia investigation blows up in his face, the corrupt POTUS is desperate to bury it and get rid of everyone who might be a threat to him. There have been several reports claiming that Trump might look to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and considering the fact that Trump has already fired several other people who were a threat (such as former FBI Director James Comey), it’s not a long shot. Unfortunately for Trump, it might not be so easy.

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According to former federal prosecutor Michael Zeldin, who previously worked with Mueller, it would take Trump way more than he thinks to fire Mueller. In an interview with CNN earlier this morning, Zeldin’s message to Trump was pretty much “good luck with that.”

In the interview, CNN host John Harwood asked Zeldin about the reports that Trump’s aides are trying to get dirt on Mueller. Harwood asked:

This notion of trying to discredit the special counsel investigation, we hear. This is something that happens in prosecutions, you do go after the other person’s team. How far could the White House and his lawyers take this here? Is it difficult if the president wants to get rid of Robert Mueller?”

Zeldin responded:

Well, there are a couple of questions that are embedded in that question. First is: is it normative to look at your prosecutor to see whether your prosecutor has a bias that could lead to his recusal, if you will? And, yes, that’s normative, and I think they’re going to do what they can do.”

Then, Zeldin crushed Trump’s plans:

My legal response to that is good luck with that. Because I don’t think that there’s going to be anything found there that’s going to create a legal conflict of interest that would allow for the removal of Mueller himself and perhaps any of his team members. Secondly, with respect to the removal of Mueller, the only person that can remove Mueller under the regulations that govern this is [Deputy Attorney General Rod] Rosenstein. And Rosenstein’s basis under the regulations for removal of Mueller is good cause and that there is not going to be good cause found in this fishing expedition into his background.”

“I mean, he’s a Republican and he doesn’t have any political orientation in the way he investigates crime, so I don’t think it’s going to amount to anything. Rosenstein has said in his public testimony that he will resign before he fires Mueller without there being a good cause showing. So I think this is a lot of bluster and maybe it has some political resonance. I don’t do politics, just law. The others can talk about that, but I don’t think in the end of the day it’s going to amount to anything.”

You can watch the interview below, where Zeldin proves that Trump and his lazy team have barely thought this through:

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