Every Single Member On Trump’s Council Threatening To Quit

The flurry of resignations and firings in the Trump administration has already made a record in presidential politics. No other president’s term in office has been so encumbered by staff turnover than President Trump’s, and it doesn’t appear that trend will be stopping anytime soon.

According to senior officials, they are expecting the entire National Economic Council to quit, some 25 members in total, should Trump replace former Director Gary Cohn with Peter Navarro.

Already things are tense after Cohn left and its widely rumored that Navarro is next in line for the job.

Navarro, according to Axios, is wanting the job desperately, and looks to be a shoe-in given his special status to the president. Currently, he is one of the only advisers to Trump that actually sees eye to eye with him on his tariff proposals and overall economic policy – Cohn sharply disagreed with Trump, which is why he ended up leaving.

Cohn told colleagues that Navarro had no idea what he was doing, and had no grasp of basic economics, and accused him of constantly “lying” to the president.

The entire economic council aren’t the only ones not wanting Navarro in the job. It’s said that he has a really bad rap sheet with leading Republicans in general, and if Trump appoints him, Republicans in Congress might try to upend the president further, causing them to draw a red line with the president.

Despite all this, Trump loves Navarro and frequently asks for him to be at his side. In meetings that he wasn’t invited to, Trump would say: “Where’s Peter?” As an excuse staff would just say that they had “forgotten” to include him. That’s how much he’s respected in the White House.

So far, Navarro hasn’t been chosen, but expect complete turmoil if he does.

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