Even Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Classy Response Manages To Torch Trump For Being A Shallow Dick

Donald Trump should not have messed with the Terminator.

But that’s exactly what Trump did on Friday morning when he took to Twitter to brag about the low ratings of Celebrity Apprentice, which now featured Arnold Schwarzenegger as the boss.

Let’s keep in mind that Donald Trump is still getting paid as a producer on Celebrity Apprentice so he’s trashing his own show.

But Arnold fired back with classy tweets that demonstrates how a grown-up acts.

First, Arnold reminded Trump that he should focus on the presidency.

And he wished Trump luck and took a veiled shot at Trump’s divisiveness.

Then he gave Trump a history lesson.

And Twitter users LOVED it.

Sorry, Donald. But you just got terminated. Arnold Schwarzenegger just put Trump in his place and it was awesome. Well played, sir.

Featured Image: Wikimedia

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