Ethics Chief Just Sent A Message To Ivanka And It’s Perfect (VIDEO)

The Trump family is notoriously known for violating multiple ethics violations. In short, the billionaire criminals believe they are above the law in every aspect because of their last name.

Despite their beliefs, former government ethics chief Walter Shaub gave the privileged family a reality check. He warned the White House and President Donald Trump’s family that they were coming alarmingly close to ethics violations by profiting off of their brand while in working in the executive branch.

However,  Ivanka Trump continues to sell clothing she wears to political events.

Wall Street Journal investigation revealed this week that Ivanka’s social media feed is filled with her own retail clothes. Each time she appears in public at an event, she’s clad in her own sellable clothes. Shortly there after, the clothing often sells out.

Shaub told CNN that Ivanka is perfectly free to wear whatever she wants, but “we’re in this situation because she is one of the rare government appointees in the White House who has not divested her financial interests.” According to Shaub, that puts her at a higher burden on her to be more conscious of what she does.

In a statement, Trump said that if she wanted to grow her business and make money that she would have stayed in New York, but Shaub called the statement “laughable.”

Shaub says:

“The reality is that the core principle of the ethics program is that you’re not supposed to misuse your government position for private gain.”“

This is the international definition of corruption. This is the principle that George H.W. Bush founded as the cornerstone of the ethics program.” 

Watch the video via Dailymotion, below:  

In all, no one should be surprised that a Trump would use his/her position in government to profit personally. That is precisely why Donald Trump ran for office in the first place. It is apparent now that the ethical norms, which have previously worked to keep government officials from crossing the line, are useless with people who have no ethics. As soon as these criminals are out, we need LAWS that spell out what is and is not ethical behavior.


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