Eric Trump’s Wife Joins Family Tradition Of Lying About Liberals On TV; It’s Cringeworthy (VIDEO)

In what might be considered the lie of the century, in a Trump family tradition, Lara Trump, wife of Eric Trump, went on Fox News to talk about how hateful and intolerant liberals are.

Lara went so far as to even say that Republicans are the only party of tolerance in the United States. Pretty damn laughable, right? She and Sean Hannity just can’t seem to wrap their heads around why most people find them to be bigots and liars. Quick hint — it’s because they’re bigots and liars.

It’s nauseating watching them try to defend themselves while using a few random liberals to throw the entire left under the bus. Meanwhile, all they are literally uttering at the moment is hatred. Even using lower-third captions like “leftist rage.”

Watch the ridiculous video here:

Here’s the thing, liberals aren’t defending those horrible effigies to Trump nor the horrible language. Meanwhile, people like Sean Hannity use their media platform to go after liberals in an inaccurate way on a daily basis for the sole purpose of defaming them. Where was Hannity’s and Lara Trump’s outrage when there were effigies of President Obama being literally hung with a noose around his neck at rallies around the country? They best not pretend they are holier than thou as they sit there in their ivory tower looking down on everyone. They are no better, and certainly are not the party of tolerance. While liberals aren’t perfect, we call our shit out. Conservatives double down on their BS and then elect it into the White House.

But sure, Lara. Liberals are intolerant. They are intolerant of intolerance and your obvious lies.

Featured image via video screen capture

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