Eric Trump Sports Hitler Youth Haircut And The Internet Loses It’s Mind (TWEETS)

While it can easily be said that the Trump family isn’t exactly known for having good haircuts, Eric Trump is certainly causing quite the online stir with his new coif.

While appearing on Fox News spreading false narratives about his father, liberals, and America, Eric Trump had a noticeably new hairdo that many people quickly caught onto.


At first glance, you might think to yourself, that’s not so bad, but then you remember something — that’s the exact haircut of neonazis all across the country.


There’s also this:

Now, it could just be a coincidence or just a really crappy haircut. Nonetheless, when you and your father are already connected to white supremacists and have them show up at rallies, maybe, just maybe, be more careful in your haircut choice. Unless, of course, it’s on purpose, and then that’s just scary. Let’s hope it’s not on purpose.

Featured Photo by Getty Images

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