Eric Holder’s Middle-Of-The-Night Tweet To FBI/DOJ Is a Sign Trump Is F*CKED (TWEETS)

Holy fucking sh*t. Former Attorney General Eric Holder doesn’t tweet much — a few times a week at most — but there is one message on his Twitter timeline that stands out: one directed at the Department of Justice and FBI.

Holder urged the “career men and women at the DOJ/FBI” to “be prepared, be strong.” He warned that in the days ahead, their “actions and integrity will be unfairly questioned.” Holder punctuated his message by reminding them: “Duty. Honor. Country” — exactly the sort of thing they need to hear if, say, the Trump/Russia investigation has reached a point that something huge is going on.

What was perhaps most surprising about Holder’s message was that it was tweeted at 3:17 a.m. The message was so urgent that he didn’t feel it was a good idea to wait until he woke up to tweet like he typically does.

The significance of this tweet was not lost on people who read it:

So what’s going on? Thus far, Holder has offered no clues — just that law enforcement are going to need to keep their bearings and work in the interest of our country against an unspecified threat. We also know that Donald Trump and his allies have gone out of their way to discredit the FBI investigation into the administration’s collusion with a hostile foreign dictator.

Whatever is about to happen, it’s huge.

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