Emmy Nominations For News And Documentaries Are Out, And Guess Who Got SNUBBED?


The nominees are out for the 38th Annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards, and it’s full very worthy outlets who did tons of amazing work throughout 2016. Brainwashed conservatives will probably be very upset with the nominees, though. There are 235 national Emmys this year, and while CNN is up for 16, while NBC is up for 9 and MSNBC is up for 5, Fox News is up for exactly…zero.

Check it out below:

They don’t even appear on the list. Outlets such as HBO (for Vice), Fusion, even the History Channel and the Weather Channel are there. Netflix is up for 6 Emmys for various documentaries. But Fox News is nowhere to be found.

To add insult to injury to the poor conservatives who think Fox News and Breitbart are the only honest media out there, MSBNC’s “Rachel Maddow Show” is up for the “Outstanding News, Discussion and Analysis” category. “All In With Chris Hayes” is also up for that award, receiving two nominations for two different episodes. CBS received a nod for “Outstanding Feature Story in a Newscast” for “Note To Self — Vice President Joe Biden.” Many outlets received nods under several categories for their coverage of ongoing crises in the Middle East and terror attacks in Europe (but not Fox News).

“Fake News” CNN is up for three awards in the “Outstanding Live Interview” category, with Brianna Keilar’s dramatic exchange with one of Trump’s attorneys, Michael Cohen, getting one nod, and Anderson Cooper getting two. Rachel Maddow was also nominated in this category for one of her interviews with Kellyanne Conway. Under “Outstanding Special News,” PBS News got a nod for “Questions for President Obama: A PBS News Special.”

The “Amazon” Washington Post was nominated for “Outstanding Breaking News Coverage” for its coverage of the Pulse Nightclub shooting. “The Failing” New York Times, as Trump repeatedly calls them, has been nominated for “Outstanding Short Documentary” for “4.1 Miles.” “4.1 Miles” is about a Greek Coast Guard captain who found himself suddenly tasked with saving thousands of Syrian refugees crossing the Aegean Sea.

Univision, with whom Trump has publicly feuded, is up for several awards, including “Outstanding Coverage of a Breaking News Story in Spanish.” That nomination is for their coverage of the capture of notorious drug lord El Chapo. Their investigative piece on the Panama Papers got a nod under “Outstanding Investigative Journalism in Spanish.”

ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and many others have received nods as well, but not Fox News. Gee, we can’t imagine why. View the full list here.

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