Elizabeth Warren’s Statement On Resignation Of Ethics Chief Explains How Bad Things Really Are

Sen. Elizabeth Warren issued a statement on Thursday in response to the resignation of Walter Shaub, Director of the Office of Government Ethics, which explains just how bad of a place we are in right now.

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Walter Shaub’s announcement that he is resigning as the head of the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) is deeply unnerving,” Warren said.

She added that Shaub should be commended for putting the “law first” even though he found himself facing “ethics problems at every level of the Trump administration.” The Massachusetts senator also noted that his successor will have a duty to pick up where Shaub left off and must not “ignore ethics rules,” which is not an easy task in Trump’s White House.

The Senate is responsible for confirming the new head of this post-Watergate ethics watchdog, and every senator — regardless of party — should insist upon a tough, fiercely independent replacement who will follow Shaub’s example of enforcing the law, even in the face of relentless pressure from the Trump Administration to ignore ethics rules,” Warren continued.

Shaub announced that he was resigning from his position as White House ethics chief on Thursday. He shared his resignation letter on Twitter, stating that although he will leave his current position on July 19, he intends to continue his work in his new job with the Campaign Legal Center.

“The great privilege and honor of my career has been to lead OGE’s staff and the community of ethics officials in the federal executive branch,” Shaub wrote in his resignation letter. “They are committed to protecting the principle that public service is a public trust, requiring employees to place loyalty to the Constitution, the laws, and ethical principals above private gain.”

Warren is right. Shaub’s resignation is “deeply unnerving” to say the least and it proves just how shady Trump and his administration really are.

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