Donald Trump Tries To Bully Japanese Company To Build Factory In United States In Twitter Meltdown

Donald Trump is now threatening businesses based in other countries.

In yet another example of how Trump is embarrassing America, the president-elect openly attacked Toyota for announcing the construction of a factory in Baja, Mexico to produce cars to sell in the United States.

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Trump previously threatened General Motors after falsely accusing the American car company of manufacturing the Chevy Cruze in Mexico. However, it actually makes the car line here in the United States. In Ohio, to be exact.

But this latest attack is even more dangerous because it’s against a business based in a foreign country, and one that is one of our strongest allies no less.

And Trump’s tweet caused Toyota’s stock price to drop sharply.

The idea that Trump can force a foreign business to do business in the United States is laughable, but trying to bully them could result in other nations not wanting anything to do with us. In other words, they’ll do business elsewhere rather than allow themselves to be bullied by Trump.

It can also anger foreign governments since targeting a business from a foreign nation can have negative effects on their economy.

Also, bullying Japan to back away from their deal with Mexico will hurt the Mexican people and drive more to immigrate to the United States in search of the better economic opportunities that Trump steals from them. The dangers of this attack by Trump were not lost on Twitter users, who quickly shut him down.

Donald Trump is a hypocrite who is not only a threat to American businesses, he’s a threat for trying to bully companies based in other sovereign nations. He is risking severing our economic relationships with other nations in a desperate effort to prove how “tough” he is. Bullying other nations to do what we want them to do is never a good idea, but Trump just did it anyway.

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