Donald Trump Set A New Record, And It’s Not About His Low Approval Ratings; This Is Shameful

The Washington Post Fact Checker, a tool for tracking the lies that Donald Trump has told since he took office, was initially intended as a measuring stick for only his first 100 days in office. Part of that short-sighted plan could have been that nobody expected him to last much longer than that. It could also probably have been that people expected him to tone down his rhetoric once the campaign was over and he was no longer trying to get elected and secure his relevancy.

But here they are, just eighteen days away from completing a full year of tracking Trump’s lies, and not only has Donald set the record, but there’s essentially zero chance that any future president will ever even come close to breaking it.

The claims tracked by the Fact Checker are, of course, verifiable, and are now averaging 5.6 per day. The last time WaPo did an article check-in, that average was a bit lower, but since then Trump has had a field day tweeting about the tax bill and of course did the impromptu interview with the New York Times on his golf course, where he lied 24 times in 30 minutes.

Even this morning Trump has been at it, lying about the nuclear deal Obama made with Iran, Hillary Clinton, more false claims about the tax bill, and even attempting to take credit for an amazing statistic on commercial jet fatalities that had nothing to do with him, all in just the last three hours:

The WPFC has now tracked 1,950 false claims – not counting ones made since they published – that Trump’s made over his first year, putting him on track to blow past the 2,000 mark by the anniversary of his inauguration.

Some of the top highlights are: Claiming that the Affordable Care Act is “essentially dead” (not even close); the “biggest tax cut ever” (it ranked eighth); and the number one lie he likes to tell, taking credit for decisions that were made in spite of him or before he was ever elected.

The man needs attention, and can’t stop lying to get it. Now if only more of the media would start calling his lies out for what they are.

Featured image via Chris Kleponis/Pool/Getty Images

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