Donald Trump Just Got Caught Dozing Off During G20 Meeting; British PM Tells Him To Wake The F*ck Up

While attending a round-table meeting with global leaders this morning, British Prime Minister Theresa May had to nudge Donald Trump to wake up and pay attention, so that leaders can pose for cameras.

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Dailymail caught the exchange on tape:

Trump’s trip to Germany is just another example of how much he has humiliated our nation.  Wandering off with Netanyahu, not focusing on the issues at hand or listening, his extreme paranoia, his uncertain and nervous behavior around reporters, his spatial disorientation, simplified vocabulary, constant repetition, missing his own security vehicle and now missing instructions to turn around at the meeting, and having a foreign leader have to babysit him is more proof that Trump is an unfit president. I mean just look at his face towards the end of the clip: the dazed and confused look says it all.



Featured Image via Getty Images 

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