Donald Trump Jr. Gets His A** Handed To Him For Using His Daughter And Halloween To Attack Socialism

Sharing is caring, but Donald Trump and his snotty children are selfish pricks.

After taking his little three-year-old daughter Chloe trick-or-treating on Halloween, Donald Trump Jr. used the occasion to launch a Twitter attack against socialism.

The demon spawn of Donald Trump “joked” that he was going to teach his daughter about socialism by taking away half of her candy and give it to a kid who stayed home.

Except that’s not how socialism works, especially democratic socialism. As we all should know, Medicare and Social Security are two fine examples of socialist programs.

Everyone contributes a percentage of their income to the programs so that we can all benefit from them when we retire. Of course, wealthy pricks like Trump Jr. don’t actually pay their fair share because payroll taxes only apply to income up to $100,000.

Anyway, Twitter users took Trump Jr. to the woodshed.

Let’s all keep in mind that Donald Trump Jr. did not earn any of his wealth. He got it from his daddy. So if anyone is lazy, it’s Trump’s selfish and ignorant little boy.

Featured Image: Alex Wong/Getty Images

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