Donald Trump Jr Caught ‘Liking’ One Of The Most Disgusting Tweets Following Quebec Mosque Attack

There is a running gag among liberals that of the three elder Trump siblings, Don Jr is the “dumb” one – apparently he’s also the most bigoted too.

Canada recently faced a mass shooting that left six Muslims dead while they prayed at a local Mosque in Quebec City. As the nation mourned, conservatives in the United States – including Donald Trump himself – used the shooting as “proof” that Muslims need to be banned. The only problem with that logic? Muslims were the victims and the terrorist was a white nationalist who loved Donald Trump.

But before that information could come out, conservatives were running with the idea that if there was a terror attack in Quebec it had to be Muslims. That assumption apparently extended all the way to the Trump family, as can be seen by a tweet “liked” by Donald Trump Jr. which gleefully suggested the terror attack would be great news for his dad.

Reporter Matt Pearce noticed the tweet and had a pretty natural reaction to its disgusting message: Ooooooof.

The tweet reads: “When it’s revealed that the #QuebecShooting terrorists are Muslims, #Trump will have a tremendous spike in political capital. #MuslimBan.” Don Jr thought that was good enough to earn a “like.” What an asshole.

The Trump family weren’t the only ones getting excited to use this opportunity to fear-monger about Muslims. Fox News published a story wrongly calling the attacker a Muslim immigrant and naming a man who was just an innocent bystander, sending thousands of their xenophobic fans at a man who had nothing to do with the attack. Despite that information being wrong at the time of publishing and despite the fact that they eventually changed the article to reflect the reality that the real terrorist was a white nationalist, Fox kept the tweet up.

(Enjoy what is hopefully an incoming libel lawsuit, Fox. Can’t say you didn’t earn it!)

The very fact that Don Jr expressed approval of a message that any time a terror attack hits it will be good for his dad is reprehensible, but clearly he is also hoping for it. In this case, his wishful thinking led him to falsely believe that the massacre of six innocent Muslims was the act of a Muslim immigrant terrorists. He ignored the right-wing nutjob who his dad helped radicalize.

Featured image via David Becker/Getty Images

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