Donald Trump Got His Ass Kicked By Reebok And Conservatives Are Flipping The F*ck Out (TWEETS)

During Donald Trump’s recent trip to France, he once again embarrassed America multiple times but most notably when he hit on the President’s wife.

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“You’re in such good shape,” Trump told First Lady Brigitte Macron, turning to her husband and saying. “She’s in such good physical shape.”

“Beautiful,” he added.

Most people don’t need to be told how inappropriate this was but for Trump, Reebok stepped up and gave him some pointers.

“In case you were wondering when it IS appropriate to say, ‘You’re in such good shape…beautiful,’ the company tweeted, including a graphic that offers some examples. For instance, if you’re in an elevator with a woman, it’s probably not a good idea. Introducing yourself to your mother-in-law? At the gym working out in the vicinity of a woman? Nope — none of that.

One example was incredibly specific. “Are you a world leader greeting the spouse of a head of state?” — Nope.

Since conservatives are, well, conservatives, they somehow managed to confuse sexism with “politics” and tore into Reebok because they’re terrible, irredeemable, deplorable people:

Many “Deplorables” have threatened to boycott Reebok in response to what they view as an attack on Donald Trump. If history has shown us anything, it’s that they will buy a bunch of sneakers and write Trump’s name on them like when they “boycotted” Starbucks.

If you ever needed to prove to someone that Trump’s supporters are horrible, just show them these responses to the perfectly reasonable idea that women should not face sexual harassment.

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