Donald Trump Goes After Mike Pence’s Wife; Makes Idiotic And Sexist Remark Towards Her

While hosting a picnic for military families on the South Lawn of the White House, Donald Trump addressed the crowd to pledge his “unwavering support for military families” alongside First Lady Melania and VP Mike Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence.

Speaking of Second Lady, Trump stopped in the middle of his speech to note that he has never heard the term “second lady” before:

“There is one military family here I am especially excited to recognize. Our great Vice-President Mike Pence and our second lady — never heard that term before but that’s what they say, and she is some lady, that I can tell you — of the United States, Karen Pence, are here along with their son Maine First Lieutenant Michael Pence.”

Watch the video, below:

What alternative universe just Trump reside in? “Second Lady’ is most certainly not a rare term — the White House website calls Karen Pence “Second Lady of the United States,” and she used the moniker as her Twitter handle. The idiot-in-chief  never misses an opportunity to show how little he knows about the office and how little time he spends learning about it. It also proves how sexist he is when it comes to woman who hold a higher position.

Unfortunately for America, there is no cure for stupidity–we are undoubtedly  stuck with the moron as our president.

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