Donald Trump Bashes The U.S. Press While In Poland, Because Of Course (VIDEO)

It’s amateur hour again for former reality show star Donald Trump after he traveled overseas to Make American Embarrassed Again as he met with President Andrzej Duda of Poland at the Royal Castle in Warsaw and took part in a press briefing. Poland’s leaders oppose immigration, they hold doubts about climate change and don’t intend to give up on coal-generated energy so they have much in common with Trump.

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After refusing to say for sure whether Russia was the culprit in meddling (Russia is the culprit) with the 2016 presidential election, Trump went on to bash the free press here in the U.S. Trump was joined by Poland’s president to denounce the media, then he specifically hit CNN, and blasted what he repeatedly calls “fake news.”

Trump went on to defend his violent tweet of a video showing him beating the snot out of a figure whose head was replaced by the CNN logo.

The New York Times reports:

What made Mr. Trump’s sermon against the mainstream media different this time was the fact Mr. Duda’s center-right party, Law and Justice, proposed restricting media access to Parliament last year. The government backed down after street protests.

“They have been fake news for a long time, and they have been covering me” in a dishonest way, Trump said of CNN after he was asked about the tweet at the news conference with Duda. “We don’t want fake news,” he added, while Duda nodded in agreement. Because Poland’s right-wing government routinely bashes the press, too.


An American reporter asked Duda a question about his own actions toward the news media, so naturally, he blamed Polish journalists for allegedly neglecting to include his positions in articles critical of his government. Sound familiar?

Trump also targeted NBC, because of course. Why stop at one U.S. media outlet when you can go for two of them.  “NBC is nearly as bad, despite the fact that I made them a lot of money on ‘The Apprentice,’” he said.

Trump probably shouldn’t be defending Putin too much in Poland.  After all, in 2010, Poland believed that Russia took down the plane which killed 96 people, including their President. Remains of the dead are still being found.

Still yet, Poland has bussed in people to cheer for Trump so that he won’t be triggered by any possible protests.

Image via screen capture. 

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