Donald Trump, A Walking Velvet Elvis Painting, Calls The White House ‘A Real Dump’

If there’s one thing that the new Golf magazine profile on Donald Trump makes clear, it’s that he’s a liar. The writer doesn’t say that, of course, any more than the author of a piece in Field & Stream would expose their featured angler for prevaricating about the size of their catch. But it’s only the word “liar” the digest refrains from using. From complicated explanations of what would have needed to happen for Trump to have accomplished a thing he claimed, to casual descriptions of how much worse Trump is in private about things we already know he does in public, it’s a very complete profile.

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Except there’s a passage in the article that actually does address something Trump was honest about, and it’s buried in the middle, like a dirty little secret. I’d be willing to wager whatever Trump bets against his partners at the beginning of 18 holes that the author didn’t think twice about the little phrase from the president that gave me such pause:

That White House is a real dump.”

Trump was at Bedminster, at one of his many Trump National Golf Clubs. He was explaining to his rapt listeners (they always are, of course) why he spent so much time on the links or in the clubhouse. No word on whether he went on to explain just how many yellow brass chandeliers it would require to spruce the place up.

Of course, if the last guy that lived there had ever said anything like that, conservative heads across the country would have simultaneously exploded with the fire of a thousand suns.

The internet promptly invited The Donald to take a flying leap:

That’s it, in a nutshell. That’s the problem with Donald Trump. He truly, honestly believes he is above everyone and everything. He has no clue what a no-class asshole he is.

Why don’t you just stick to the courses and we can get someone new in that old “dump” you hate so much, Donald? Better people than you have lived there, and they remember how to be grateful for America’s House:

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