D’oh!: Trump Forgets Paul Ryan’s Name Twice, Calls Him Ron (VIDEO)

When alleged president Donald Trump isn’t forgetting who the leader of North Korea is, he’s forgetting who the House Speaker is. Clearly, the 70-year-old former reality show star has issues. To put this in perspective, if when Trump is impeached, we will be left with Pence as president and if the vice-president fails, House Speaker Paul Ryan would be the next to fill Donald’s shoes. So, he’s kind of an important name for Trump to remember. By the way, Ryan’s first name is not Ron.

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Trump forgot Ryan’s name during a speech in Wisconsin, not once but twice, referring to the House Speaker as Ron.

Trump was talking about his “Buy American, Hire American” executive order, which in itself is laughable considering that the amateur president is known for outsourcing his products and that the Keystone XL Pipeline will not be subject to that ‘Buy American’ stipulation.

Then Trump started talking about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the alliance which the alleged billionaire has called “obsolete” in the past. Trump said that Ryan had a good excuse for not being at the speech which took place at the Speaker of the House’s home state because he was “with NATO”.

“I said, Ron, you’ve got to get these countries to start paying their bills a little bit more,” Trump said, referring to Ryan but calling him by Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson’s name.

Trump added, “they’re way, way behind, Ron.”

It finally dawned on the confused elderly president as he pointed to Sen. Johnson in the crowd, saying, “I’m going to talk to you about that too, Ron.”

Trump then said, using the correct name, but addressing the absent House Speaker, “Paul, you’re over with NATO. Get them to pay their bills, and Ron, you’ll have to work on that too.”

Watch the full speech in which he begins by saying that “no administration has accomplished more in the first ninety days.”

Ryan and Trump worked closely together to try to take away affordable health care from the needy while replacing it with a shit sandwich, so one would think he would remember the House Speaker’s name.

Image via screen capture. 


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