Desperate Trump Supporter Offers Voters Discount On Horse Semen If They Vote Trump

After a trainwreck campaign, Trump supporters are struggling to find ways to motivate people to vote for their candidate. Trump has alienated nearly every voting bloc in the country, and routinely smears the sort of people who would otherwise be undecided voters. The question for his supporters is how to get people to set aside their hatred for the man and cast their vote for him anyway. For one horse breeder, the answer is semen.

In what has been described as “gross,” “totally illegal,” and the most Trumpian thing ever, a Texas Trumper posted on his Facebook page that he would be giving a 50 percent off coupon to all Trump voters good for either one breeding session with his stallions, or frozen semen for the horse owner on the go.

The post was flagged by Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall who noted that offering people compensation – even if it’s half off horse semen – for a vote for Trump violates election law.

After mockery and disbelief swept the internet, the post was deleted from Facebook. It’s unclear if the post’s creator, Beto Orsi, had a change of heart or merely wanted to avoid the jokes at his expense. From his public profile, it’s clear that he still deeply believes in Donald Trump. And also horses. Here’s his profile background.


This election can’t end soon enough.

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