Delusional Trump Thinks The Women Marching Nationwide Love Him; They Really HATE Him (TWEET)

Donald Trump is an extreme narcissist. So much so, in fact, that he thinks that people who are showing a nationwide force of hatred for him, his administration, and his disastrous policies actually love him. Case in point – the Women’s Marches that are taking place across the nation on the anniversary of the orange one’s ascendance to power as we speak.

Saturday, January 20, 2018, marks the one-year anniversary of the Trump presidency. It also marks the one-year anniversary of what is arguably the largest nation and worldwide protest against a world leader in modern history: The Women’s March. Many women poured into the streets to protest Trump’s racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, xenophobia, white supremacy, and all around bigotry. The is the most sustained and visible mark of the fact that the anti-Trump #Resistance is not only not dying, but getting stronger. That sentiment and statement of fact eludes the likes of Donald Trump, though. He sent out a tweet acknowledging the fact that the marches are taking place as he and his incompetent GOP colleagues in the United States House of Representatives and Senate have managed to shut down the government, even while controlling all of Washington by delusionally insisting that the marches are nothing more than a commemoration of his so-called “accomplishments,” rather than the show of hatred and force against his destruction of the nation and his despicable character that they are, saying via Twitter:

This is as delusional as it gets. These women are in the streets because THEY HATE YOU, Dotard! They are protesting you and your policies, and indeed, the indecency of your character, the bigoted policies you and your administration are putting forth, as well as the entire Republican Party and the draconian nature you all are taking the nation in.

Donald Trump and the GOP are an embarrassment and a disgrace to America on the world stage. That is what this march and the #Resistance are about. Too bad the orange one is too dumb to recognize that this is not a celebration of him, but a condemnation.

Featured image via Mario Tama/Getty Images

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