Deleted Tweet From Newly Appointed Sec. Of State Just Resurfaced; This Is Terrifying (IMAGE)

The Rex Tillerson firing saga continues to get weirder and weirder, as former CIA Chief, Mike Pompeo, was promoted to Secretary of State today. While Pompeo might appear to be a stable choice, after all he ran the CIA, at least he’s passed a background check. Well, apparently investigators missed a couple of things.

Evidently, Pompeo subscribes to some pretty crazy conspiracy theories and isn’t shy about broadcasting his insanity.

Back in July of 2016, Pompeo vomited out this tweet:

“Need further proof that the fix was in from Pres. Obama on down? BUSTED: 19,252 Emails from DNC Leaked by Wikileaks”

The DNC emails, hacked by Russia (let’s not forget, offered to Trump) and leaked by Wikileaks ultimately were not of any consequence. But, Pompeo saw those emails a proof that the election was fixed for Hillary Clinton to win.

So just when it seems we might get a break from the madness today, another dash of stupidity is added in. Now we have an active conspiracy theorist in the White House who will be handling our foreign policy. This is a disaster because if Pompeo is easily influenced by poor sources of information, he will be very easy to manipulate. And what’s worse are his deduction skills. If Pompeo sees one headline and immediately decided there was a massive conspiracy that even involved the President of the United States his judgment may….not be the best.

However, maybe gross incompetency in the State Department will be better than Tillerson dismantling it. After all, Pompeo deleted his accusatory tweet and seems to think that will hide his crazy. No Mike, luckily we can all still see it.

This just proves that even though former CIA chief worked in intelligence, he doesn’t have any. But that’s okay, he’ll be right at home with the 45th.

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