Cubs Star Flips Off Trump In The Oval Office During Photo Op (IMAGES)

It would appear a new hero was discovered today, and his name is Albert Almora, Jr. You may have already heard of him because he’s an outfielder for the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs.

While visiting the White House in the traditional visit to meet with the president, Almora decided to take the opportunity to flip Donald Trump off while standing next to him in the Oval Office.

First, here’s Almora with former President Obama:


Now, let’s look at Amora with Trump (he’s the one in the plaid shirt on the right):


And here’s the shot that shows Almora flip Trump off ever-so-casually:

Haaa!!! Well done, son.

The image was snapped by the Chicago Sun-Times Lynn Sweet:


Most excellent. Most excellent indeed.

Almora did what most of us would love to have the opportunity to do. And if you think that this gesture towards Trump is offensive, it’s not. It’s appropriate. The only thing offensive about this photo of Almora with Trump is the fact that Trump is sitting in the Oval Office.

Featured Photo via Chicago Sun-Times

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