Creationist Ken Ham Gets HILARIOUSLY Burned For Accusing Media Of Not Getting Facts Right (TWEETS)

People who think humans rode on the backs of dinosaurs really should not be accusing anyone of not getting their facts right.

Because when creationist Ken Ham whined about a story by the Washington Post on Sunday, the irony was obvious and the resulting mockery was amazing.

The Washington Post reported that Ham and his Ark Encounter park believe that dinosaurs were wiped out by the alleged flood that God supposedly sent to wipe out the world.

But Ham vehemently objected to the story, pointing out that he actually believes that dinosaurs were carried on the Ark and co-existed with humans during biblical times. Seriously.

Ken Ham should take his own advice considering there is ZERO evidence proving creationism, nor is there any evidence that humans interacted with dinosaurs. Scientists, however, have proven that dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago and that humans only first appeared 2.5 million years ago.

Ham’s whining drew mockery from Twitter users who were quick to point out the irony of his complaints.

Ken Ham is nothing but a con artist who takes advantage of Christians to get money from them. While he can believe what he wants, the fact remains that scientific evidence completely contradicts his belief.

Featured Image: Patheos

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