Corker Fires Back On Trump’s Rage-Tweets: ‘Alert The Daycare Staff!’

Sen. Bob Corker ran out of f*cks to give over Donald Trump’s rage-tweets about the Tennessee Republican. Trump attacked Corker again in a series of early morning tweets.

“Same untruths from an utterly untruthful president. #AlertTheDaycareStaff,” Corker tweeted in response.

For the second time, Corker called Trump’s visit to Senate Republicans nothing more than a ‘photo-op.’

Two weeks ago, Trump launched a conspiracy theory on ‘Liddle’ Bob Corker after the Tennessee Republican suggested that the former reality show star is unstable and said that his threats to other countries risk putting the U.S. “on the path to World War III.” This morning, Corker stood by his remarks criticizing the White House as an “adult day care center” and his thoughts on Trump putting the United States on a path toward war.

He continued to say during the interview on Good Morning America that when it comes to the diplomatic efforts underway to manage the rising tensions with North Korea, Trump should “leave it to the professionals for a while.”

“The president undermines our secretary of state [and] raises tensions in the area by virtue of the tweets that he sends out,” Corker said.

That was too much for Trump to handle, so he launched some mean-girl tweets.

“Bob Corker, who helped President O give us the bad Iran Deal & couldn’t get elected dog catcher in Tennessee, is now fighting Tax Cuts….” he scribbled.

“…Corker dropped out of the race in Tennesse when I refused to endorse him, and now is only negative on anything Trump. Look at his record!” the former reality show star added while speaking of himself in the third person.

An hour later, Trump tweeted, “Isn’t it sad that lightweight Senator Bob Corker, who couldn’t get re-elected in the Great State of Tennessee, will now fight Tax Cuts plus!”

Corker announced last he won’t seek a third term and will retire from the Senate when his term ends in 2018.

Photo: Chip Somodevilla via Getty.

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