Conway Viciously Attacks Meryl Streep For ‘Inciting People’s Worst Instincts’ Against Trump (VIDEO)

The morning after living legend Meryl Streep gave a passionate speech about the importance for America’s president to show respect and decency, Fox News and Kellyanne Conway stood up to defend Trump’s belligerent, despicable behavior. It was painful to watch.

Under Fox chyrons saying disparaging things about Streep like “And The ‘Whiner’ Is…” and “Most Dramatic Overreaction?” Trump’s number one flack tried to spin Streep’s comments – and not Trump’s behavior – as being the real problem.

Yes, in Kellyanne Conway’s spin zone, it is Meryl Streep who by asking Donald Trump to be a mature, responsible adult who doesn’t mock disabled reporters or use racial hatred to get votes is somehow “inciting” the “worst instincts” in people. Asking the president to be a decent human being is apparently off the table in the Trump administration.

And it appears Trump himself has no interest in taking Streep’s sage advice either. Rather than be the decent human being she asked of him, he got up this morning and promptly went on a smear campaign against her.

He also stood by his comments about the disabled reporter – and continued to lie about Muslims cheering on 9/11. Including telling a New York Times reporter that the disabled reporter who works for the New York Times is the real liar.

So in one morning Trump and his shameless team of goons proved every single point Meryl Streep was trying to make. They have no capacity for compassion or maturity. They will openly lie about the media or even things they’ve previously said or done on tape. They will smear anyone who criticizes them. And they will never try to be better than that.

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