Conservatives Throw A Collective Hissy Fit Over Republican Failure To Repeal Healthcare

Conservatives acted like little babies because millions of Americans still have health care after Senate Republicans failed to pass Trumpcare.

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When Senator John McCain returned to Congress to cast a deciding vote in favor of debating a flurry of Obamacare repeal bills, Republicans and conservative pundits everywhere expected he would help them kill President Obama’s signature health care law and strip health care from millions of Americans in the process.

That did not happen. In fact, McCain ended up casting the decisive vote to kill the Republican repeal effort.

And in doing so, he caused conservative heads to absolutely explode.

During his show on Friday night, Fox News host and top Trump ass-kisser Sean Hannity whined about the failure and attacked McCain.

“What happened last night was a disgrace,” Hannity said. “They don’t want the president to succeed either. Look at the pathetic display from Senate Republicans this week. Seven years of promises and they couldn’t even pass the ‘skinny repeal’? John McCain over and over and over again promising to repeal and replace, all the others that voted to repeal in 2015 and they couldn’t do it now?”

Joining him was Jesse Watters, who bitched about McCain and called for placing term limits on senators.

“Republicans don’t have the policy chops that they’ve been bragging about for all these years,” Watters began. “They had seven years to come up with a replacement, and I don’t even know if anything they put out there actually lowered premiums…McCain, I believe, put the interests of his own constituents, I guess, down here, and sacrificed it against the altar of this mysterious bipartisanship agreement that never even existed. Premiums are out of control in Arizona and he voted against repealing Obamacare. It doesn’t make any sense to me. The only thing you can do now at this point: term limits. Term limits.”

Talking Points Memo also rounded up some conservative reactions.

Mike Huckabee took to Twitter and called for repealing the 17th Amendment, which allows the people to elect their senators.

Laura Ingraham lashed out at Mitch McConnell for not attacking cancer-stricken John McCain after the vote.

National Rifle Association shill Dana Loesch called Republicans “pathetic.”

Eric Bolling, another Trump ass-kisser, complained about so-called “RINOs” and gave his followers the names of three people they should target.

Basically, rabid conservatives threw a hissy fit because Republicans failed to pass a terrible bill that would have caused premiums to skyrocket while pricing tens of millions of Americans out of health care. Nobody is saying that the Affordable Care Act doesn’t need fixes. But repealing it entirely would have been a massive mistake. There are many good things that Obamacare does that should remain law such as protections for people with pre-existing conditions, contraception coverage, and Medicaid expansion. Short of universal healthcare, the Affordable Care Act is the best health care law on the books right now. Repealing it would hurt millions of Americans.

But conservatives are apparently so outraged that Republicans didn’t throw 22 million Americans off a cliff that they now want to undermine the Constitution and democracy itself to get what they want.

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