Conservatives Found Out It’s Malia Obama’s Birthday, So They Called Her An ‘Ape’ (SCREENSHOTS)

It’s that time of year again! While most of you were celebrating our nation’s independence, our frenemies on the Right spent their time doing what they do best — “making America great again” with their vile racism.

July 4 is a very important day for our country, but especially so for Barack and Michelle Obama, whose eldest daughter turned 19 — and Newsweek writer Julia Glum decided it was a good idea to bait the “alt-Right” (Nazis, as they are more commonly known) by putting Malia’s name next to Trump’s in a headline.

The article itself is pretty innocent. It just talks about what Malia has done since her father left office — joining in the protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline, interning with Miramax co-founder Harvey Weinstein, attending a Broadway play, and vacationing with her family. You know, normal teenager stuff. But one look at the comment section beneath this simple article about the former First Daughter is enough to necessitate eye bleach.

The Right pounced on one of their dwindling opportunities to heave spite upon the Obama family, calling her an “ape in heels” and noting that “black is a terrible burden on all of America.” One commenter called her a “black racist tramp” while another called her and her family “jungle trash.” Still another “deplorable” speculated that “they” “use her face to stamp gorilla cookies” (he did not say who “they” are) and still another said that she is “eating bananas like a good gorilla should.” Another said he hopes “she is on a crashing plane” and other indicated that the “only story” he wants to see “about this parasite” is “about its gang rape and murder.”

This is Donald Trump’s America — one in which the daughter of our first African-American President cannot simply exist without his racist followers throwing all the hate they can muster her way. During her time at the White House, Malia Obama stayed entirely out of politics — but the Right doesn’t care about that. She’s black. Her father is powerful. Therefore, in their eyes, she must be torn down at every opportunity.

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