Conservatives Are Gushing Over This Obama Assassination Meme (SCREENSHOTS)

Conservatives are still practically masturbating at the thought of President Obama hanging from a rope.

The latest in a seemingly never-ending stream of right-wing Facebook pages calling for President Obama’s assassination is United American Infidels Against Tyranny, a Trump-loving hellhole with more than 145,000 fans.

The page posted the image back in June and while Facebook will gladly ban folks for calling out racism on a daily basis, this image depicting President Obama being hanged is still live on the website.

Naturally, the page’s totally not-racist followers agree that the “black piece of sh*t” should hang from a rope:

Recently, Facebook made headlines when they banned a black activist after she posted screenshots of racist comments she received from her adoring right-wing fans. This is something numerous people experience daily thanks to algorithms that ProPublica says are designed to “protect white men from hate speech but not black children:”

This is an actual capture from training materials. We are not f*cking with you.

The reason for this decision to protect “white men” over “black children” is that both race and class are protected categories, while subsets of those categories are fair game. “Black President” is apparently another example.

We learned about this from a friend of the site who asks that we call him “Outlaw Nick.” Thanks for the heads-up.

Featured image via Facebook

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