Conservative Lies To Smear Journalist He Hates, Then His Own Daughter Tells Him He’s Trash

Recently, Fox News’ latest dick pic-sending scumbag, Eric Bolling, filed a $50 million lawsuit against journalist Yashar Ali for reporting that 14 sources confirmed Bolling had sent unsolicited photos of his junk to them or someone they knew.

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To even the most casual observer who can operate a toaster without adult supervision, this lawsuit has no merit and exists solely as an attempt to bully and threaten a journalist for doing his job — but Trump fans are livid.

For Bolling to win, he will have to prove not only that the information was false but that Ali published it knowing it was false — but he and his attorneys, Michael Bowe and Ronald Rossi of Kasowitz Benson Torres  (if that name sounds familiar, it’s because Donald Trump uses the same law firm as Bolling), seem to be attempting to “Gawker” (bleed dry) Ali and the Huffington Post, who has pledged to stand behind him financially.

Bolling has been suspended from Fox News, but to conservatives that only serves as evidence that the evil liberal media is attacking Bolling for some insidious reason or another. Maybe he prays too much. Who knows?

One member of the Stupid Part of America decided to show up on Ali’s timeline and tell a reprehensible lie in order to smear the journalist who had the audacity to report facts corroborated by a total of 14 people. But it went hilariously bad for him. “Uncomfortable Thanksgiving dinner” bad.

Ali posted screenshots from his Facebook page in which a man named Joseph Keith showed up to claim “Yashar Ali molested my 7 year old daughter in June. Where’s your posts about that, pig?”

Within minutes, his actual daughter showed up to tell him to go f*ck himself.

“You don’t have a 7-year-old daughter dad,” Valerie Keith posted. “And I’m pretty sure your 7 year old granddaughter wouldnt like being used as bait either. You do know your wall tells others when you comment right?”

Keith responded by deleting his original post. But if you thought he was going to give up, you obviously don’t understand exactly how crazy and demented the modern conservative mind is.

“Why did you molest my 9 year old daughter, Yashar Ali? You will face justice, pedophile,” he later posted.

Conservatives will stop at nothing, no matter how reprehensible, to smear people they don’t like. Not even this.

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