Colin Kaepernick To Donate 100% Of Profits From His #1 Selling Jersey

Colin Kaepernick’s jersey has skyrocketed to number one following his refusal to stand during the National Anthem in protest of the way minorities are treated in the United States. The 49ers quarterback has announced that in addition to talking the talk, he also intends to walk the walk and will donate 100 percent of his profits from the sale of the jerseys.

Sales of Kaepernick’s #7 jersey have exploded in the wake of his decision to take a knee while the Star Spangled Banner is played before the beginning of his games. His San Francisco 49ers jersey is currently the top selling jersey out of the entire NFL.

On Wednesday, Kaepernick took to Instagram to announce that he plans to donate every penny he makes from the sale of his jerseys right back into the communities he was protesting for in the first place.

“I wasn’t expecting my jersey sales to jump to number one because of this, but it shows the people’s belief that we can achieve justice and equality for ALL!”

“The only way I can repay you for the support is to return the favor by donating all the proceeds I receive from my jersey sales back into the communities!”

This is the second time this month that Kaepernick has put his money where his mouth is. Last week, during a press conference following Thursday night’s game, the quarterback said that he was going to donate the first million dollars he made this season as well. No one can accuse this man of not being willing to back up his words and actions with his checkbook. The total amount that he will end up donating remains to be seen, but judging by the hot commodity that his jerseys have become, he is going to be able to make quite a difference with that wad of cash.

Featured image via Harry How/Getty Images

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