CNN’s Chyron Writer Just Trolled The White House So Hard And It’s F*cking Hilarious (IMAGE)

While Donald Trump likes to throw the free press under the bus because the reporting of facts doesn’t line up with his version of reality, he should probably keep in mind that the free press he’s bashing has every right to hit back. And they are.

One of the biggest targets of Trump is CNN. After all, he showed himself literally beating them up in the childish video he tweeted out:

Hitting back at the White House and their alternative facts, CNN used their lower third on their broadcast to throw an epic amount of shade back in their face. The chyron writer seemed to have a bit too much fun with this trolling effort.

The wrote:


Here’s the screengrab of the moment:

The Trump family are a bunch of liars. Trump’s White House and his administration are a bunch of liars. They have told us time and time again that the Trump campaign had no contact with Russia during the course of the election. This is now, quite obviously, not true. So, now they’re in major spin mode trying to say that meeting with a foreign adversary to affect the outcome of an election is okay. Guess what? It’s not. And instead of meeting with the Russians, Donald Trump Jr. should have reported the request of the meeting to the FBI, but he didn’t. He was excited about it, and there’s no way around admitting the fact that what they did was wrong.

Kudos to CNN for the quick jab back at the lying liars in their chyron. Well played.

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