‘CNN’ Responds To Trump’s Vicious Attack And It’s Hilarious (VIDEO)

Amateur president Donald Trump typically targets the press on his Twitter timeline. Like, for example, this holiday weekend the former reality show star has been unleashing mean-girl tweets about his negative press coverage. While Trump has successfully swayed his supporters into distrusting the media, a new poll found that Americans trust CNN, The Washington Post and The New York Times more than the alleged president.

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On Sunday morning, presumably, just after or before church, Trump posted a fake video of himself beating the snot out of a fake CNN reporter, while using the hashtag: #FraudNewsCNN.

Comedian Mark Humphries and his team at Australian TV station SBS decided to respond to Trump’s attack with their own fake video and it’s gone viral on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. According to BuzzFeed News, it took them just 10 hours to create the video.

Humphries, while wearing a CNN logo for his head, starts the video off by saying, “My name is CNN and I was assaulted by the President of the United States.”

“The bullying started a while ago, mainly online. Donald Trump started calling me fake news, which was almost as painful as me having to call him President of the United States,” he continues.


This was CNN’s real statement after Trump unleashed his crude video. “We will keep doing our jobs. He should start doing his,” the network said.

CNN published an inaccurate article and as a result, journalists were fired or resigned, the network corrected the error and moved on. In contrast, the so-called president of the U.S. tweets out fake news daily and has never apologized for that. And oh boy, does he have a lot to apologize for. To Trump, Infowars and the National Enquirer are real news, while CNN, the New York Times, The Washington Post, etc, etc, are not.

Happy birthday, America. It will get better.  That is, unless Trump blows up the world first.

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