CNN Host SAVAGES Kellyanne Conway: ‘It’s Not Our Job To Do Your PR’ (VIDEO)

It’s no secret that the Trump Administration and the press are in an all out war at this point. This is especially true of their relationship with CNN. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that when White House Counsel Kellyanne Conway appeared on the network’s morning show Reliable Sources on Sunday morning, she and host Brian Stelter got into it. Of course, the topic of the day was the major shake-up in the White House communications operation, with the resignation of Press Secretary Sean Spicer and the naming of Wall Street guru Anthony Scaramucci as the new Communications Director. The exchange became heated when Stelter pointed out just how insane this White House has been, especially when it comes to messaging:

It’s not our job to do your PR, it’s your job and it seems the White House this week admitted that there has been a lot of failures because the press secretary all of the sudden resigned and left his job.”

Conway replied:

That’s Sean’s decision, and Sean was up against incredible odds and as the president said in the tweet about Sean, he thanks him for his service and thinks he took a lot of unnecessary abuse.”

Of course, it didn’t help that Conway, right out of the gate, started off with nothing but hostility to the network, saying to Stelter:

We’re very happy to take questions from an outlet that I think has been incredibly unfair and systematically against this president. I guess you made the business decision to do so.”

Stelter shot back with the actual truth, something Trump’s professional liars spokespeople absolutely hate:

You said the company made a business decision to be unfair to the president, when in fact what we are trying to do is cover an unusual president and try to figure what the heck is going on in a White House that seems awfully dysfunctional.”

Of course, Stelter is right. We’ve never seen a White House like this. The entire administration is utterly incompetent, and none of them – including the so-called “president” – should be in these positions. They are dangerous for the nation and the world, and are taking us deeper down the road to authoritarianism by the hour.

Watch the video below:

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