CNN Host Laughs In Senator’s Face After He Says THIS About GOP Health Care Bill (VIDEO)

Donald Trump keeps pushing for his disastrous health care bill, even though he has no idea what’s actually in the legislation. Unfortunately, the same could be said for the Republicans drafting and supporting it. In fact, no one really knows what the hell is going on with this bill.

This was proven in a brutally epic moment on CNN, when host Alisyn Camerota couldn’t help but laugh at Sen. Angus King’s after he revealed what he knew about the GOP health care bill that the Senate was voting on that day. In fact, the Maine senator didn’t have much to say at all! King said:

Let me give you a quick synopsis of what I know about the bill that we’re going to be voting on this afternoon.”

Then, silence.

Camerota was waiting for King to say something, and then she finally got the joke and started laughing hysterically. She said, “I’m taking notes.”

King then started blasting the GOP health care bill. He said:

I’m serious, there is no one who knows. I talked to two senior Republicans last Thursday afternoon. I said ‘what are we going to be voting on, on Tuesday.’ They said ‘We have no idea.’ I think it’s going to be the House bill, but then there may be a substitute amendment, and I’ve never seen a process like this. No discussion. This is really, to quote a famous American, complicated stuff, and to be talking about one-sixth of the U.S. economy and tens of millions of people without any understanding of what the implications are, I just — I really don’t understand it.”

King cautioned the Republican Party, stating that they will face hoards of issues about the legislation due to its extremely unethical policies. He pointed out:

By the way, the best of the bills kicks 22 million people off of health insurance. That’s the best one of the three, one goes up to 30 million. Then they’re going to have to maybe vote against it.”

King also revealed that some members have been back and forth on their votes, unable to make up their minds about the bill. King said some were stuck in “I voted for it and then I voted against it.” King cautioned, “That’s a bad place to be.”

You can watch King hilariously rip Trumpcare apart below, much to Camerota’s amusement:

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