CNN Host Just Brilliantly Slammed Trump and Fox News At The Same Time And It’s Perfect (VIDEO)

While Donald Trump was on Twitter insinuating that he’d like to put his paws on  CNN, CNN hosts took jabs of their own and it was more of a two-piece special.

CNN Host John King didn’t hold back when he shaded Trump and he included their rival news station Fox News in the insults. King insinuated that as ‘credible’ as Trump deemed Fox, they just don’t seem to know how to ask him the tough questions.

He promised a wall, the Congress won’t pay for a wall. They promised to repeal ObamaCare and said it would be easy, we’re now six months in and it’s very hard. We can go and on with the list. There’s another network he doesn’t criticize where when they interview him they ask him, ‘Sir, we’re confused, are you excellent or are you extraordinary?

According to The Hill, this isn’t the first time King has come for Fox though. A little less than 2 weeks ago King was calling Fox personality Ainsley Earhardt a little too soft on the networks morning programmed which he also referred to as ‘state t.v.’

Let’s set aside the tough, probing questions on state TV there.

CNN is not here for the shenanigans of the President. But they will clear him when they feel attacked. Let’s get back to the news in all seriousness. Trump is a joke, there are so many other important things in the world to touch on. Watch the video below,

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