CNN Host DESTROYS Spineless Republican Candidate For Refusing To Condemn Trump’s Sexist Tweets

A Republican candidate epically humiliated herself on Friday morning in defense of Donald Trump.

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On Thursday morning, all hell broke loose after Trump posted an outrageously sexist tweet attacking Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski.

The offensive remarks drew sharp rebukes from Republicans and Democrats alike. But some Republicans chose to be cowards rather than stand up to Trump.

During an appearance on CNN, Chris Cuomo asked Michigan Senate candidate Lena Epstein, who worked as the co-chair of Trump’s campaign in that state, if she condemns what he wrote.

In short, she didn’t have the guts. Instead of doing the right thing, Epstein proceeded to blame the media for reporting on the tweet in the first place and then expressed her hope that the whole mess can be ignored from now on.

That didn’t sit well with Cuomo, who proceeded to take Epstein to the woodshed.

You have no message for the president of the United States, this isn’t about a twitter conversation so don’t cheapen it that way. This is about the nature and content of the words that the president of the United States uses for his critics and often his allies. It’s not about the forum — this isn’t about Twitter versus Instagram. This is about what he says. You have a message for the American people, you have no message for the president of the United States? Do you endorse everything he said about Mika Brzezinski? Do you agree with what he said?”

But Epstein wouldn’t budge after being publicly challenged to condemn Trump.

“I would like the entire Twitter banter to go away,” she replied, drawing a condemnation from Cuomo.

“Of course you would, because it’s hurtful to someone you want to support!” Cuomo said. “If you want to be a leader, you need to step up. Do you endorse what he said about Mika Brzezinski?”

After Epstein tried to spin her way out of answering the question again, Cuomo mercilessly demanded that Epstein call out Trump.

“Then say what the president said was wrong about Mika Brzezinski,” he said.

“You’re trying to pressure me to say something I’m not willing to say,” Epstein said, demonstrating how spineless she is.

Cuomo then dropped the hammer.

Why not? If you want to be a leader and you want to call out what’s wrong, do it. Say it….How our president treats other human beings especially women is a meaningful issue,” Cuomo stated. “If the media is wrong, it should be called out. You know what? there’s one president and there’s a lot of media. There’s one person at the top of the chain. There’s one ultimate leader and there’s a lot of media. You really want to put him on equal footing with Mika Brzezinski in terms of whose words matter more? Come on.”

Here’s the video via VidMe.

What we all just witnessed is a candidacy that went down in flames. This is what happens when you obey Trump’s demand for loyalty. You commit political suicide.

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