Chris Christie Just Gave The Public A Big ‘F**K You’ With His Latest Family Vacation (DETAILS)

You know who gives zero cares about the American people other than Donald Trump? New Jersey governor, Chris Christie.

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Christie issued a gov’t shutdown recently that closed all beaches to the public in New Jersey for this upcoming July 4th weekend.  But with his latest vacation photos, it’s clear that this shutdown didn’t apply to the Christies’.

According to Reuters, Sunday, the governor was seen soaking in some sun on a Jersey beach with family, and then hours later he jumped on a helicopter in his Sunday’s best to Trenton, the state capital, to discuss stalled shutdown negotiations with reporters. What a damn hypocrite. How is the leader who is supposed to be fighting for the state, stripping away their resources only for him to enjoy? Selfish ways that mirror Trump.

A disagreement on a budget has given way to a partial government shutdown in New Jersey and Maine, putting more than 30,000 state workers on furlough on Monday. Christie, who literally broke the record for the least popular governor according to Quinnipiac, defended his decision at the state capital saying to a local news station,

“They actually caught a politician being where he was going to be with the people he said he was going to be with, his wife and his children and their friends. So I’m sure they’re going to get a Pulitzer Prize for this one because they actually proved they caught me doing what I said to do with the people I said I was going to be with.”

Wait… what? What kind of excuse is that? Here is just another example of a leader abusing his power. If you’re going to lead the people, LEAD. Fight for them, and fight with them. Don’t just talk the talk when because it sounds good and turn around and do totally opposite when you think no one is looking. Someone is always watching and in this case, they caught the governor not giving a damn about the people of his state. View the pics below, Christie and his family as the only people on the damn beach.




Featured Images via Getty Images and CNN

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