Chris Christie Flips Out On Cubs Fan Who Hurt His Precious Feelings

Chris Christie managed to once again embarrass himself, New Jersey, America as a whole, and the fictional land of Elbonia, on Sunday when he attended a Cubs/Brewers baseball game in Milwaukee and couldn’t manage to behave himself.

After a Cubs fan said mean things to him, Christie marched right up the stairs and got in the man’s face.

“You want to act like a big shot?” Christie said with a particularly stupid look on his face. “You’re a big shot.” Then he turned and marched right back down the stairs without waiting for a reply because he’s a fucking man, damn it! All the while, he was desperately cradling his nachos to prevent them from spilling — a detail that makes this situation far funnier than it would otherwise be (it is almost impossible to look like a “tough guy” while clinging to one’s nachos like they’re an enchanted ring someone wants to throw into a volcano).

What did the guy say to make Christie act like that? He correctly told the New Jersey governor that he sucks and is a hypocrite.

“It needed to be said,” the fan explained. He estimates the confrontation lasted about a minute. The recording begins at the end of it.

Watch it below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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