Chicago High Rise Tries To Snare New Residents By Promising ‘Hot’ Neighbors

Most apartment and condo buildings advertise amenities–such as a pool, exercise rooms, large windows, balconies or patios, and great views–as a way to attract potential residents. However, one Chicago high-rise is offering more than that, they actually have a sign out front promising attractive neighbors. It’s an odd way to lease apartments and makes it sound like the building’s owners think we live in a television show.

The building at 805 N. LaSalle is currently just 65 percent occupied. It’s a good building; in addition to a pool, fitness rooms, balconies and views, they offer things like open floor plans, nine-foot ceilings, an indoor dog run, washers and dryers inside their units, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a whole host of other things.

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Do people really think that they’re missing out on something if they don’t have hot neighbors, though? Is this what our culture teaches, that we’re entitled to hot neighbors? Television shows and movies alike show us people living in all manner of apartments and neighborhoods, and the neighbors are often very attractive. Is this where we are as a society, that “hot neighbors” is seen as a draw now?

According to CBS News Chicago, that apparently doesn’t work for everyone. One woman said that it just weirds her out, and makes her less likely to want to rent an apartment there. A man who does live there says they didn’t ask him for a photo with his application, and his neighbors are just regular, young professionals living in downtown Chicago. So, maybe this is a case of false advertising? After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Who judges who’s “attractive” in a scheme like this?

CBS Chicago couldn’t reach the property managers or the building’s owners for comment, so who knows what’s behind this. Regardless, it’s a sad testament to what society teaches about rights to youth and beauty if someone actually thinks this is a good way to get more residents into their building.

Featured image via screen capture from CBS News Chicago video

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