Chelsea Clinton Tweets About Moms In Prison And Trump Fans Sh*t All Over Everything

On Saturday, Chelsea Clinton tweeted an article about a Girl Scout program that helps reunite children with their mothers who are in prison.

The program helps scouts make it to prison once a month to visit their mothers, play games, enjoy a meal, and basically enjoy being around one another. From the Time article:

Girl Scouts Beyond Bars began in Maryland in 1992, and there are now nearly 20 versions of it run by troops around the country. It’s unclear how many girls the program has helped in total, since Girl Scouts U.S.A. said it does not track numbers nationally. In Texas, more than 160 girls have participated in Girl Scouts Beyond Bars since its inception, according to Garcia-Baab. The Texas program offers counseling to about 30 girls each year who are between 5 and 18 years old and typically come from low-income households. The children can stay in the program until they age out at 18.

Yeah. It’s a really great thing. Naturally, because of their obsession with her mother, conservatives decided to pop in to take a sh*t all over everything:


In case they think they bother her, Chelsea decided to make it very clear that she considers them as irrelevant and useless as Trump is proving to be, telling one she hopes she’s having “a lovely Saturday.”

To think that just last year, these people were throwing tantrums over Secretary Clinton’s use of the word “Deplorables” to describe them. They are deplorable. They are, as Clinton said, “irredeemable.”

Cruelty is the Trump supporter’s M.O.

Featured image via Getty Images (Drew Angerer)/screengrab

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