Chelsea Clinton Owns Right-Wing Creep After He Asks Stupidest Questions Ever (VIDEO)

What makes people do the things they do will always be a question for the ages. Especially if what they are doing is being the creepy guy pushing sexual innuendo-filled questions at Chelsea Clinton during her book signing for a book aimed at teens titled It’s Your World.

The weirdo’s name is Robert Morrow and he trolled her while at a book signing in Austin, Texas. Clinton was amazingly gracious during the entire encounter, and by the end when she didn’t react, Morrow was kind of just left a fool to wander off into the sunset.

The video shows Morrow walking up to Clinton like he wants to get a book signed, but instead asks the former first daughter:

Has your mother ever told you that you’re the daughter of Webb Hubbell, and not Bill Clinton.

Not skipping a beat at such a horrible question (because she is a Clinton after all and knows how to handle herself when attacked by false accusations), Chelsea responds, smiling, with:

I am so proud to be my parents’ daughter.

As she should be, her parents are pretty much the biggest, most powerful, and most influential power couple in all of the United States, and have been for decades.

Trying to get the crackpot to leave, those surrounding Clinton were unsuccessfully trying to usher him away. However, he insisted on being an even larger douchebag, because while getting Chelsea to say that her book is aimed at teenagers, he then asked:

Would you say Bill Clinton also targets teenage girls, except for sexual reasons?

Not flinching, she again doesn’t give into the troll. After all, that’s what these lunatic trolls want — to get a negative reaction. Clinton marvelously responded:

I would say my book is really resonating with kids. I was at the Ann Richards School earlier today and I’m so grateful that it’s resonating to the young girls and the young boys that I’ve been talking to across the country.

That answer left him without his reward of a successful trolling, so he just wandered off in seeming self-defeat.

Kudos to Chelsea Clinton for standing up for herself and her family in the best way possible, by simply ignoring the stupidity of others.

Featured image via YouTube

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