Chelsea Clinton HUMILIATES Trump For Attacking Her To Excuse His Nepotism At G-20

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Donald Trump’s latest Twitter tantrum backfired on him spectacularly.

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As we all know by now, Trump has been taking a ton of criticism for letting his daughter Ivanka take his place at the G-20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany last week.

Ivanka is not an elected official, nor does she have any political or diplomatic experience. In fact, she would not have a White House job if her father had not given one to her. She is unqualified to represent the interests of the United States.

Americans were outraged that their president would be so irresponsible at such an important meeting with world leaders.

And so when Monday morning rolled around in the midst of Trump Jr. getting caught meeting with a Russian lawyer during the 2016 campaign, Trump lashed out at the media and attacked Chelsea Clinton.

Trump literally tried to excuse his behavior at the G-20 by claiming that Hillary Clinton would have done the same thing.

Except it is NOT “very standard” at all. Presidents just do not go around letting their kids take over for them in official capacities, especially meetings with world leaders.

Also, Trump is engaging in a hypothetical by claiming that Hillary Clinton would have done the same thing. Hillary is not president. Trump is.

His decision at the G-20 reminds everyone that nepotism runs rampant in this administration. It’s also a pathetic excuse since we all know that conservatives would have exploded in rage if Bill Clinton had let Chelsea take his seat at the G-20, or if President Obama had let Malia take his seat at the G-20.

They would questioned his leadership. They would have held endless investigations. They would have called for impeachment.

But Chelsea Clinton was quick to respond to Trump’s childish outburst and she absolutely humiliated him.

And there you have it. Chelsea Clinton just shot down Trump’s excuse and turned his tweet against him.

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